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Increases system performance and protects your privacy
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Super Clean System

Super PC Cleaner is intended to preserve your computer’s performance. At the same time, it can also protect your privacy. The program’s interface has a layout very similar to those of other products of the same kind, which makes it easy to use by everyone.

Fixing registry issues has the greatest impact on speed and stability. So, the program logically addresses various types of problems that can occur in the registry, such as obsolete entries, invalid shortcuts and faulty references. Fortunately, you do not need to perform a scan of the whole registry because it is possible to select given areas. Likewise, once the results are ready, expert users can decide what to get fixed. If you are concerned about ruining the system, you can also make backup copies of the registry, which you can use later to restore it to a previous state. It is also good that it lets you schedule regular scans.

The software comprises other features. Quick Clean can remove leftovers of your activity to protect your privacy. Yet, I was surprised to see that, once you push the corresponding button, there is no way to stop the process, mostly when there is no previous warning about whatever will be deleted. Besides, there is a startup manager, that you can use to uncheck applications that start along with the system and consequently slow it down. Finally, you can also activate a switch that supposedly saves battery life.

When tested, Super PC Cleaner found several problems but the trial version did not allow me to fix any of them. Surprisingly, unlike others, this tool does not inform the user of the purpose of its different features. Likewise, it does not show any visual clues of running process. To make things worse, the program crashed when I was using the Enhance Startup feature.

Frankly speaking, in a market full of alleged system cleaners, it is difficult to say which are most effective, and even which are scams. For most users, the register is but a black box, so the only way to know if a program works is by its effects on such indicators as speed, stability and security. Unfortunately, there are too many of these products, like Super PC Cleaner, that do not allow fixing the problems they find. Do its developers really expect us to believe all they say on their webpage? In the meantime, let us stick to the ones that have given us evidences of their efficacy.

Pedro Castro
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  • Detailed view of the registry problems found
  • Customized scans
  • Scan scheduling
  • Registry backup and restore
  • Startup management


  • No way to check its efficacy
  • Possibly unstable
  • Lack of visual clues about the processes
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